Individual Posing As Memphis Animal Services Officer

CITIZEN ALERT: Memphis Animal Services has received reports in the Berclair area of an individual posing as an MAS officer, attempting to take people’s pets. This Local Memphis story has all the information you need about confirming the identity of any of our officers.

If anyone comes to your house claiming they’re an animal control officer and says you must surrender your pet, check the following:
✔️ They are driving an official MAS vehicle with government tags
✔️ They are in official MAS uniform
✔️ They have a badge, city ID, radio, and safety gear.

If you question any officer’s legitimacy, you can always call 545-COPS to confirm the officer’s identity via their badge number.


SkyCop Camera Program Works


Data from Memphis Police Department shows the Skycop camera program is working.

Tuesday, police officials told a city council committee that a review of the first 90 days of the program found crime went down in five of seven districts, including a dramatic decrease in some.

Crime was down nearly 41 percent in the Raleigh area and 70 percent in Hickory Hill.

Read the whole story here.




SkyCop Status Update

From David Smith.

We have approximately three weeks left in the campaign to secure $36,000 for the Pole Camera Funding. Through this weekend, we have $27,575 in our Camera account. Since several people have asked me about the MANW Grant I suspect they have been asking you as well. So, here is the current state in regards to that activity.

The MANW (Memphis Area Neighborhood Watch) program provides grants to neighborhoods in support of specific crime prevention programs. The maximum grant is $2500 and is funded by the City Council. The next deadline for submitting a grant proposal to the Council is November 15, 2017. Due to the holidays they do not anticipate granting any awards prior to the January 2018 Council Meeting. If we are getting a grant they will notify us in advance. We have already submitted our proposal to the review committee, but for your information, there are several conditions that we had to meet in order to be able to submit a request. Some of them are as follows: 1) We had to have a federal tax id  2) We had to commit to a minimum of 100 volunteer hours in support of our project (thank you Ann, Cammy, Suzanne, and everyone else who have been going door to door for donations); 3) We had to attend a mandatory training class presented by the MANW (Thank you Patsy); and 4) we had to be active participants in our Precinct Neighborhood Watch program and have the Precinct Commander certify our organization in writing (Again thank you Patsy). The council makes the award, but the leadership of MPD provides significant input as to who they think should get the money, so politics is in play. The good news is we, as KSANA and Patsy personally, have for a long time had a very good personal relationship with both Director Rawlings as well as Deputy Director Ryal. In addition, our councilman Colvet is aware of our Association and our project and can be counted on to support our proposal. All good things that make me  feel pretty confident that we will be successful, but we can’t count it until we get the check in hand.

We still need a few more neighbors to step up and give to our fund, three weeks left!!


City Clears Storm Drains to Prepare for Post-Hurricane Harvey Rainfall in Memphis

City officials are preparing for the lingering effects of Hurricane Harvey, including heavy rainfall and possible flooding to reach Memphis later this week, according to a statement released Monday by the City’s Division of Public Works.

Officials say low-lying areas are the most susceptible to flooding (or temporary ponding) due to overwhelmed drainage systems.

Public Works director Robert Knecht says the City has been working to prevent this and will investigate areas that don’t drain quickly. He asks that citizens notify the City of such areas.
“We have been preparing for the storm by inspecting and clearing storm drains, inlets, and checking other essential areas,” Knecht said. “Crews are working to clean debris-filled storm drains and inlets to help minimize any potential for street flooding.”

For those who have experiences water entering their homes during past heavy rainfall, officials encourage those residents to take preventive measures to reduce the chance of flooding, by clearing gutters, downspouts, and storm drains near their homes.

Storm equipment, as well as personnel are on standby, ready to respond to any flood-related emergencies. Officials say residents can contact the Department of Drain Maintenance at 901-357-0100 for more information or assistance.