City Clears Storm Drains to Prepare for Post-Hurricane Harvey Rainfall in Memphis

City officials are preparing for the lingering effects of Hurricane Harvey, including heavy rainfall and possible flooding to reach Memphis later this week, according to a statement released Monday by the City’s Division of Public Works.

Officials say low-lying areas are the most susceptible to flooding (or temporary ponding) due to overwhelmed drainage systems.

Public Works director Robert Knecht says the City has been working to prevent this and will investigate areas that don’t drain quickly. He asks that citizens notify the City of such areas.
“We have been preparing for the storm by inspecting and clearing storm drains, inlets, and checking other essential areas,” Knecht said. “Crews are working to clean debris-filled storm drains and inlets to help minimize any potential for street flooding.”

For those who have experiences water entering their homes during past heavy rainfall, officials encourage those residents to take preventive measures to reduce the chance of flooding, by clearing gutters, downspouts, and storm drains near their homes.

Storm equipment, as well as personnel are on standby, ready to respond to any flood-related emergencies. Officials say residents can contact the Department of Drain Maintenance at 901-357-0100 for more information or assistance.