Scam Callers Target MLG&W Customers

Memphis Light, Gas and Water has received reports of two types of scam phone calls to customers.

One customer reports a scammer telling them to dial an 800 number to make payment or they would be disconnected. Upon calling the toll-free number, the customer got an automated message stating they had reached MLGW. Another MLGW customer reports a caller instructing her to go to a dollar store, add money to a debit card and call back for more instructions. While MLGW mails cut-off notices to customers and uses auto-dialers alerting them that payment must be made by a certain date to avoid cutoff,

MLGW service representatives do not personally call customers to request payment.

If you get such a call, you are urged to do the following:

• Hang up the phone.
• Never give out personal financial information over the phone.
• Call the MLGW Customer Care Center at 901-544-6549 if you have any concerns.
• Report it to your local police station if you have been scammed.
• Go to any of the five MLGW community business offices and speak with a credit counselor if you have problems paying your utility bill.