Neighborhood Cleanup

Dear Neighbors,

Join us for our first neighborhood clean-up of 2022 this Saturday April 30th.

Not sure how to participate? Start small by picking up any trash in your yard. Ready to do more? Pick up trash in your neighbors’ yards too! You can even walk your street or cove picking up trash if you are ready to tidy up even more real estate.

What do I need? Garbage bags or reuse plastic grocery bags. Use work gloves or disposable gloves too if available. If not, you can reuse plastic grocery bags to cover your hand while you pick up trash. If you have a shovel or rake, you can use it to help clean out storm drains on your street to prevent water back up during heavy rains.

Why is this important? Keeping our neighborhood clean helps keep it beautiful and shows that we care about the environment where we live.

We hope everyone can come out to enjoy the beautiful spring weather and flowers while we beautify our neighborhood.