More Memphis Streets Are Being Paved

From the Memphis Mayor’s Office – Neighborhood Concerns

The City of Memphis is increasing paving efforts that will lead to smoother streets.

The mayor and city council officials have allocated $19.5 million for Public Works FY20, of that $ 13.5 million is for street paving, it is the largest paving budget —ever.

The continued paving improvements are a real achievement and show the city’s investments in our infrastructure,” Mayor Strickland said.

“With the dedication and the determination of Public Works and Engineering, we have turned the corner from where we were and are moving in the right direction benefiting Memphis residents and visitors. Memphis has 6,818 miles of road excluding state roads to maintain.  We have been able to gradually increase our paved miles each year,” said Robert Knecht, Public Works Director. “The additional revenue has helped us get closer to our goal of repaving 350 lanes miles.

An interactive map was launched last year by the city for residents to view when their streets are scheduled for paving at

Look for the paving schedule icon.

Steve Shular
City of Memphis Mayor’s Office