Land Use Control Board Cases for Sept. 13, 2018

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The 18 cases listed at the bottom of this message have been filed with the Office of Planning and Development for consideration by the Memphis and Shelby County Land Use Control Board during its regular meeting on Thursday, September 13, 2018, at 10AM in the Memphis City Council Chambers, 125 N. Main Street. As minor subdivisions, Items 1 and 4 will not proceed to the Board unless rejected at the Technical Review Committee meeting on August 23. The Technical Review Committee meeting will be held at 9AM in Room 477 of Memphis City Hall, 125 N. Main.

Please provide any comments you may have to the staff planner listed below by Wednesday, September 5 so they can be included in the staff report. Please also feel free to attend the Board meeting on September 13 to provide verbal testimony of any of the cases.

Full applications for these cases may be accessed from this website:

Thank you,

Josh Whitehead
AICP Planning Director/Administrator Memphis and Shelby County Office of Planning and Development
City Hall, 125 N. Main St., Ste. 468
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

1. S 18-25: CORDOVA: 3-lot minor subdivision on the S side of Dexter, W side of Dexter Lane and N side of Old Dexter. Staff Planner: (as a minor subdivision, this is approvable at the August 23 Technical Review Committee meeting)

2. S 18-26: E MPHS: reconfiguration of a 2-lot subdivision at the NE corner of White Station and Meadowcrest into 3 lots. Staff Planner:

3. S 18-27: BINGHAMPTON: 10-lot subdivision at NW corner of Hollywood and Broad. Staff Planner:

4. S 18-28: WHITEHAVEN: 2-lot minor subdivision on E side of Fairfield between W. Gloria and Whitehaven. Staff Planner: (as a minor subdivision, this is approvable at the August 23 Technical Review Committee meeting)

5. PD 91-319 (CORRES): CAPLEVILLE: deletion of condition requiring Holmescrest to be constructed to the west from Getwell, S of Holmes. Staff Planner:

6. PD 93-352 (CORRES): HICKORY HILL: site plan approval for Mrs. Winners at 7060 Winchester. Staff Planner:

7. PD 95-380 (CORRES): OAKHAVEN: site plan approval for truck terminal on N side of Raines, E of Tchulahoma. Staff Planner:

8. PD 04-364 (CORRES): EADS: 398 residential lots on E side of Cobb, 1000’ S of US 64. Staff Planner:

9. PD 17-06 (CORRES): SE MPHS: deletion of condition requiring improvement of Cotton Plant Road for Carmax at 3491 S. Germantown. Staff Planner:

10. PD 17-13 (CORRES): COOPER-YOUNG: reductions in front and rear yard setbacks at NE corner of Elzey and Tanglewood. Staff Planner:

11. PD 18-28: OAKHAVEN: auto auction facility on E and W sides of Prescott, 1100’ S of Winchester. Staff Planner:

12. PD 18-29: MIDTOWN: 16-lot residential development at 672 N Trezevant. Staff Planner:

13. PD 18-30: COUNTRYWOOD: expansion of Colonial Country Club PD along US 64. Staff Planner:

14. PD 18-31: MIDTOWN: hotel at Overton Sq. at SW corner of Cooper and Trimble. Staff Planner:

15. PD 18-32: ALCY-BALL: convenience store at SE corner of Hernando and Norris. Staff Planner:

16. PD 18-33: E MPHS: 9-lot residential development at SE corner of Princeton and Perkins. Staff Planner:

17. SUP 18-17: PRESIDENT’S IS: scrap metal facility at 1701 Dock. Staff Planner:

18. SUP 18-18: COOPER-YOUNG: auto repair at 1037 E Pkwy S. Staff Planner: