Messick & McVay All-Way-Stop

The cities of Germantown and Memphis have teamed up to improve safety at the intersection of Messick and McVay roads, along the southwest border of Germantown and Memphis.

In this collaborative effort, the City of Memphis is installing an all-way stop at that location, along with advance warning signage at the approaches to the intersection.

Previously, the intersection was only two-way stop controlled with stop signs at Messick Road and the Allelon Subdivision. 

“Traffic safety is an utmost priority for our community,” Germantown City Engineer Ethan Skaggs said. “This joint effort executed data collection, intersection analysis, engineering design, and delivery of safety improvements that will serve both of our communities excellently.” 

The new all-way stop installation is expected to be completed by the end of the week.

 — From Twitter Posting by the City of Germantown, 11:07 AM · Aug 23, 2022